Dynamic and innovative professional with a talent for identifying and resolving complex issues. Known for optimizing business processes and swiftly addressing challenges with a hands-on approach.

Currently leading a product development and consulting firm, leveraging industry experience and innovative thinking to deliver lasting solutions. Skilled in developing hardware and software products for diverse industries. Proven startup founder with a track record of building and selling companies. Committed to driving technological advancements and achieving business excellence.


 Nashville, TN, USA

 +1 615 319-2171


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PhD Computational Data Current

Middle TN State Univ. (MTSU)

Specializing in advanced algorithms, data analysis, and machine learning techniques to solve complex problems in diverse industries. Developed and refined predictive models that improved decision-making processes, contributing to several papers on data optimization and efficiency in NLP, Finance, and HR Resume tracking.

MBA Executive 2009

Vanderbilt University

Earned an Executive MBA from Vanderbilt University, gaining advanced management training and strategic decision-making skills that have been directly applied to current professional challenges.

MS Data Science 2025

Middle TN State Univ. (MTSU)

A strong focus on predictive analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling. Applied comprehensive knowledge to real-world data sets during projects, enhancing predictive accuracy and decision-making capabilities for business applications.

BS Computer Eng. & Science 2006

Middle TN State Univ. (MTSU)

B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University, graduated with a 3.9 GPA, mastering software development, system architecture, and hardware integration. Leveraged expertise in both engineering and programming to design and optimize innovative computing solutions and applications.



  • English - Native / Bilingual
  • German - Native / Bilingual
  • French - Conversational

Work Authorization

  • US Citizen
  • Swiss Citizen
  • Canadian Citizen


+20 yrs Development, Code, and Leadership Experience


Seasoned business professional with a proven track record of launching and exiting successful startups, equipped with 20+ years of software, hardware, and consumer electronics development experience supported by an MBA and Computer Science degrees.


Hoehn Innovations, LLC. 2023 - Present

Owner / Founder

At Hoehn Innovations, I work on finding innovative solutions using technology, process design, and with those tools specializing in creating meaningful hard & software products for various industries. My role is to contribute technical guidance by conceptualizing and developing innovative solutions to address complex challenges for our clients.

  • Flutter & Dart for Mobile Application Development
  • Vue.JS, Node.JS, PostgreSQL, AWS Full Suite, GCP Firebase
  • PyTorch & Torch Lighting Module Design


  • Launched Bluetooth device on Amazon with +250 units a month sold
  • Deployed ML resume scan app to predict employee Turn-over
  • Tools for RESTful API integration using Pub Sub technologies on AWS

FreightWise, LLC. 2015 - 2022

CTO / CIO / Co-Founder

Co-Founded and exited a successful Logistics Technology company providing TMS SaaS & Managed Transportation services. FreightWise technology optimizes freight profiles and streamlines TMS & WMS operations.

In 2019 FreightWise was the 2nd fastest growing company in the US, and the fastest growing company in Nashville four years in a row, 2019-2023.

  • CTO - Wrote the first lines of code exited with 20 developers on staff
  • Managed Product Mgmt. Team - Applied Pragmatic Marketing principles
  • Created Customer Solutions Team as an integrated service center within our SaaS application
  • Initiated and helped bring to market Cargo Insurance offering within the SaaS platform

Canary Computer Engineering 2015 - 2018

CEO / Co-Founder

Architected, designed (hardware & software), and deployed +300 units at multiple large retailers an event-driven IoT (Internet of Things) platform. We used LTE CAT-M1 networks to ensure our devices are the most energy efficient on the market. By integrating a dedicated SSH tunnel between the devices and AWS SQS platform.

  • Networks using Bluetooth 4.2 & 5.0 for large range internal applications and LTE CAT-M1 for energy efficient distributed networks.
  • Develops iOS and Android apps using React Native, ES2015, JAVA, Objective-C, and Swift

Checkpoint Systems  2012 - 2015

Dir. Global Product Management

Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in technology solutions for retail, including RFID, EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), and loss prevention, aimed at improving inventory accuracy and operational efficiency. I was tasked with completing and deploying a $2M product to all of North America and Europe in high-end retail stores.

  • Developed and deployed a $2M development project for in-store GPS
  • Traveled extensively to introduce, train, and sell S3i product line I managed
  • Managed with internal marketing team the successful launch of S3i to numerous USA, Canadian, France, and Netherlands retailers

Griffin Technology 2010 - 2012

EE & FW Manager

Griffin Technology designed and manufactured technical solutions with an innovative flair. They grew to become one of the largest providers of accessories for iPhone and Android media. Some of the best known accessories I worked on included the iTrip family of FM transmitters and the groundbreaking Evolve Wireless Sound System.

  • Managed the electrical and firmware engineering group of 10 members and interacted extensively with our counterparts in Asia.
  • Managed 4 embedded software and firmware developers
  • Managed 5 electrical and PCB layout engineers
  • Managed the E-Emissions and Prototype assembly lab and respective technicians
  • Personally contributed firmware for embedded devices: Bluetooth, TCP/IP, IoT and IR devices
  • Worked heavily in MySQL and SQL-Server backend IoT applications

Big Time Toys, LLC. 2007 - 2010

Dir. of Manufacturing

To ensure on-time development and manufacturing I regularly flew to Asia on a 4-6week basis, logging over 120+ days in-country. This ensured the cultivation of strong relationships with our Asian partners and local development and management team, which enabled the lowering of cost, payment terms, and bringing products faster and more efficiently to market.

  • Extensive travel to China, Vietnam, and Europe
  • Managed the development, pricing, and logistics of electronics toys from HKG & China to the USA and Europe
  • Worked on establishing manufacturing options in Vietnam as supply chain risk management strategy
  • Worked with Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, Costco, and numerous European \& Australian retail distribution
  • I spent close to 120 days of the year in Asia



  • Founder, CTO, & Exit Experience to Private Equity (PE) >5+ yrs
  • Team Building & Product Management & Product Delivery 15+ yrs
  • Product Development, MVP Creation, Deployments 10+ yrs
  • Extensive Travel: US, China, HKG, Europe, & Australia 15+ yrs
  • Business Finance, Valuation of Tech, Exit Valuations 5+ yrs
  • Debt. Acquisition, Debt. Covenants, and Revenue Mgmt. 3+ yrs
  • B2B, Plublic Speaking, Lectrure & Training


  • Python, Node.JS, C#, Dart, Javascript, SQL 20+ yrs
  • Vue.JS, Angular, Flutter, React, Express 10+ yrs
  • PostgreSQL, Mongo, MS-SQL, MySQL, MemCache, Redis 15+ yrs
  • Elastic Search, AWS Cloud Search, Splunk 5+ yrs
  • AWS, SQS, SNS, S3, CloudFormation, Kafka, Lambdas 10+ yrs
  • GCP, Firebase, Dart, Passport Auth, Auth0 5+ yrs
  • Docker, Imaging, ECS, NGINX, YAML 5+ yrs
  • RESTful, API, Postman, Mocha, Puppeteer 5+ yrs
  • GIT, CodePush, General Development Lifecycle, Agile 10+ yrs